Our Meals

Here at Kiddie Garden we are lucky to have a wonderful cook who makes our meals Daily. Our meals are carefully planned to ensure the Tamariki are receiving well balanced meals. This ensures the children have good energy levels during the day.

We have developed a delicious and nutritious vegetarian meal plan at Kiddie Garden in conjunction with the National Healthy Heart Foundation and the New Zealand Food and Beverage classification systems.

Our cook makes sure the children receive their 5+ serves of fresh fruit and vegetables whilst they are in our care. It is important to us that the children are having a well-balanced meal during the day, so Kiddie Garden is working towards the National Healthy Heart Foundation award and work in conjunction with the New Zealand Food and Beverage classification systems. Lunches provide the daily requirements of protein and iron. As we are a vegetarian centre, all meat proteins are replaced with lentils, pulses, and egg replacer. Meals such as roasted vegetables on cous cous, chickpea curry on rice, pumpkin risotto, sweet corn fritters and mini pizzas just to name a few. Morning and afternoon teas consist of a variety of fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and a plain biscuit, cracker or a piece of homemade baking. We are a completely nut free centre. There is no need for you to provide food.