Pikler and RIE Approach

Babies and Toddlers (Under 3)

Our teachers in the infant and toddler areas are guided by the approaches of Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerbers RIE approach. See links for more info:

  • From birth to two years period, the importance of a way a baby is touched and supported.
  • Importance of the free movement on a baby’s spirit, intelligence and physical being.
  • Building strong trust relationships with children and family. Our teachers create strong bonding and spend pleasant quality time with our children. Our children feel safe and comfortable with the people and environment, Kiddie Garden is a home away from home.
  • Respect being shown to babies always.
  • Supporting children with our practice to encourage the child’s own initiative and independent activity to reach their milestones in life.

Reggio Approach

The Reggio Emilia approach values the belief that children are strong, competent and capable citizens who are full of wonder and curiosity to learn. It believes that children have a natural drive that makes them want to understand and know about the world around them and how this world relates to them. Children are believed to be capable of constructing their own methods of researching and learning using everything from play to a variety of other hands-on-learning experiences. This approach to education views the child as playing a very important role in their own educational experience. We at Kiddie Garden view this with importance too.

The environment is very important to the learning process in this approach, and teachers are considered to play an important role in the education of children using the Reggio Emilia approach. Learning is also made "visible" through documenting the child's learning experiences.

In using this approach to education, time is given to the children, so they may be allowed to learn, explore, or go back and revisit an investigation or a focus of interest as needed. It is an approach based on listening rather than talking; where doubt and amazement are welcome factors along with the scientific inquiry and the deductive methods used by a detective. We love the saying our are daily detectives as they are always investigating the learning areas.

The Reggio Emilia Approach is seen as an inspired child-led approach to learning. Teachers are encouraged to slow down and listen to the children, discover what interests them, and then provide them with ways to nurture these interests. Learning and play are not considered to be separate, but rather as being related to each other.