Settling in your child infant / Toddler

We understand that the time of transitioning your child into care can be stressful. We are here to support you and your child during this time.

Before you start we invite you to come along for a few visits first. The first visit is to meet the teachers and ask questions you may have (approx. half an hour). The second visit is at a time where we are playing outside or involved in an activity, please feel free to join in. Often when a child sees you having fun they realise that they too can have fun when being involved. Once enrolled we set up some transitioning visits, these visits consist of two visits without parents/ caregivers around. One transition visit is to be at sleep time and another visit at a time that suits you and the teachers.

On your Child’s official first day please be prepared to stay for a short time, to answer any unanswered questions and explain the routines and set-up.

We understand that parting with your child can be an anxious experience for both parties. The teachers at Kiddie Garden Learning Corner are here to help make this process an easier one. You are more than welcome to phone at any time during the day.

Some children settle straight away while others take longer but with perseverance and support your child will get there. If extra visits are needed, we will set them up or suggest shorter days until child is more settled.

How do I settle my Toddler or pre-schooler child?

Talk to your child about starting day-care a week or two before they are due to start. We offer two transition visits prior to starting. Transition visits are one hour each and are a good time for you and your child to become familiar with the staff and children in their room. This is also a good time to pass on any important information verbally such as allergies and routines, what to bring during the day etc.

Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye to your child can be upsetting especially in the first couple of weeks of their enrolment. We recommend saying a quick goodbye as lengthy goodbyes can make parting harder for your child. Tell your child you are leaving, give them a hug/kiss and tell them that you will be back at the end of the day to collect them. Then say goodbye and leave quickly.

As hard as it is sometimes for you as a parent, your child will settle more quickly and saying goodbye will become easier. A teacher will be on hand to reassure them and our teachers are equipped with many techniques to help your child settle.

Please do say goodbye to your child as sneaking away can cause them to become distressed and can hinder the settling process. You are most welcome to phone during the day to see how your child is doing – your peace of mind is important to us.

Can I visit during the day?

We do have an open-door policy; however, some children can become upset if their parents return and leave again. We encourage parents to phone us at any time throughout the day and to spend some time with their children (in the room) at drop off and collection times.

What do I need to provide?

Please provide nappies, bottle and formula, at least three changes of spare, named clothing, including a sunhat for summer, and warm clothing and a hat for winter months in a named bag. Due to regulations, we will require a minimum of 6 nappies per day. If your child is toilet training, please provide at least 4 changes of clothing and plastic bags.

Can my child bring things from home?

We ask that you do not bring toys and special items such as dress ups, play jewellery from home as we cannot assume responsibility for these items. Any clothing or items that are brought to Kiddie Garden need to be clearly named. Toys or 'snugglies' that are used as comforters will be kept in the child’s bag for sleep time or with the bedding.


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